Green Fields Oil Factory

What Is Cold Pressing?

In cold pressing technique the oil is extracted from the seeds by not heating it excessively. If the temperature is increased during the process of oil then we would end up losing most of its nutritional contents, smell and taste. To avert such happenings, the temperature is kept up to 50 degrees Celsius. The only heat produced during the entire extraction process is due to the friction between seeds.

The procedure followed to maintain quality of the oil
  • The machines which are used specifically for the purpose of oil extraction are made of special a metal part which does not include copper, brass and iron.
  • The temperature from seed to bottle never surpasses 50 degrees C.
  • The pressed oils are purified by using gravity rather than filters.
  • Exposure to light and air is minimal during the oil extraction process.
  • The product is bottled in such a manner that it retains its natural qualities.
  • The oil company adheres to vacuum operated filling, which helps in disabling the trespassing of any mechanical component.

Use : Cold pressed oils are used as table oils for salads, soups, and dips. They are also used for skin and hair because they don’t clog the spores like artificial oils.