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Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizers are a class of fertilizer which is eco-friendly and natural. In contrast to the Chemical/ Artificial fertilizer, Organic Fertilizers are naturally present, which include peat, humic acid, castings etc. Organic Fertilizers ensure a better germination of a plant. The Green Fields Oil Factory, a well-known Organic Fertilizers Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in Amman has several options for the amateur as well as professional gardener to safeguard the health of plant and ensure its high growth.

Our press pallets are processed into an organic fertilizer. This fertilizer is 100% of plant origin. Suitable for home plants, fruits and vegetables, it gives plants a steady growth and gives the soil a long term benefit. This fertilizer is according to the Jordanian standards No. 962/2000.

Benefits Of Organic Fertilizers

  • It is used for increasing soil's life
  • It helps in reducing the life of pesticides
  • Organic Fertilizers teems with micronutrients, which can be provided for organisms that thrive in soil.
  • Less costly