Green Fields Oil Factory

Natural Soap

We have a wide collection of Natural Soaps that includes Black Seed Soap, Laurel Leaf Soap and Lavender Soap. Our variety of Natural Soap is made using the high quality ingredients and free from harmful ingredients like paraben, synthetic color, synthetic fragrance, urea, animal ingredients, etc. Our Natural Soaps are appreciated for providing smooth and soft skin after every shower. Natural Soap that we offer is appreciated for its quality and rich lather formation. It is available in different fragrances and in quality packaging.

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Black Seed Soap

Black Seed Soap that we offer is immensely appreciated for its superior medicinal properties. It is proclaimed that Black Seed Soap provides smooth skin & even complexion as well as it increases blood circulation and also prevents from external infections. Our Black Seed Soap is free from any sort of harmful chemicals like


Laurel Leaf Soap

We are offering natural Laurel Leaf Soap that is made using ingredients like glycerin, bay laurel essential oil, bay leaves, castor oil, etc. Our Laurel Leaf Soap leaves a smooth and soft experience on the skin. The fragrance of our Laurel Leaf Soap is aromatic, warm and woody, which revives the body senses and offer a


Lavender Soap

Enriched with the goodness of excellent quality ingredients and enticing fragrance of lavender, our Lavender Soap is highly in demand. Lavender Soap that we offer is pure and without any additives, which makes it excellent for skin. Our Lavender Soap is free from harmful paraben that makes it soft & gentle on skin. Lavender